Ann Pato


Ann earned her MA in Education Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning upon completing her MBA. With a robust background in general education spanning 15 years, encompassing teaching and curriculum design for both formal education and ongoing professional development, she has forged a successful career in the industry. Ann possesses a keen understanding of contemporary educational trends and instructional design methodologies.

Her wealth of experience in instructional design serves as a valuable asset, contributing significantly to the development of interactive educational and training content. These materials have been successfully deployed and implemented across various learning platforms, benefiting thousands of teachers, students, government agencies, and corporate clients.

As a co-founder of the Galileo Enrichment Program, Ann played a pivotal role in shaping the creative and strategic direction of diverse education initiatives, with a focus on enhancing English and Math competencies. Additionally, she is adept at and holds substantial experience in crafting online courses tailored for institutions, government agencies, and corporate clients alike.