Zin Zin Tun


Ms. Tun holds a Master of Science in Digital Media Technology and has completed a postgraduate diploma in Digital Media Design. Currently leading VEEV’s learning technology team, she brings extensive experience in interactive application development, mobile game development, and learning technologies.

With expertise in eLearning, digital media, and software development, Ms. Tun possesses a profound understanding of interactive design and development intricacies. Leveraging her skills as a seasoned developer, Zin Zin adeptly guides the team in solution deployment and delivery. Her pivotal role drives the creation of diverse e-learning solutions, SCORM packages, games, and applications, benefiting clients ranging from government agencies to educational institutions and corporate entities.

Ms. Tun excels in using various authoring tools to craft engaging eLearning programs. Her proficiency empowers VEEV’s team to develop dynamic content, catering to diverse learning styles and ensuring optimal engagement. Ms. Tun’s commitment to staying updated on the latest authoring technologies reinforces VEEV’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge and impactful eLearning solutions.