Our Team

Get to know the key members who lead VEEV’s think tank of creative content developers,
visionary artists, innovative digital media specialists, and inventive software developers.

Lara Lai


Lara Lai’s expertise in eLearning is multifaceted and distinguished by her extensive experience in the field. Over her illustrious career spanning more than 20 years, she has been at the forefront of the eLearning landscape, contributing significantly to the evolution of education through technology. Lara’s profound understanding of eLearning encompasses various dimensions, highlighting her as a thought leader and innovator in this dynamic field.

Chai Lee Fung


Ms. Chai brings extensive expertise in education, online content, and publishing, holding a degree in Science with Education. She successfully completed the INSEAD International Executive program in 2000, earned the Advanced Certificate for Training and Assessment in 2009, and participated in the Phillips ROI Consultant Training in 2016.

Ann Pato


Ann earned her MA in Education Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning upon completing her MBA. With a robust background in general education spanning 15 years, encompassing teaching and curriculum design for both formal education and ongoing professional development, she has forged a successful career in the industry. Ann possesses a keen understanding of contemporary educational trends and instructional design methodologies.

Elaine Teo


Elaine specialises in leadership development, diversity and culture training. She earned her Psychology and Philosophy degrees on a full academic scholarship, where she was also Piano Scholar and the co-founder of the Oxford University Chinese Cultural Society. Elaine is also CultureConnector’s resident cultural expert for Singapore and is a graduate of the Corporate Coach Programme of Coach U.

Zin Zin Tun


Ms. Tun holds a Master of Science in Digital Media Technology and has completed a postgraduate diploma in Digital Media Design. Currently leading VEEV’s learning technology team, she brings extensive experience in interactive application development, mobile game development, and learning technologies.

Cecilia Demafelis


Cecilia is a dynamic leader with a proven track record of steering media production teams towards seamless, efficient, and effective outcomes. Armed with a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management, complemented by a professional teaching license and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and Commerce, she brings a unique blend of skills to the realm of media production.

Nuraisyah bte Amdan


Nuraisyah has accumulated a wealth of expertise through a decade of dedicated work in eLearning. Her professional journey includes a solid background in teaching, curriculum development, learning design, training, and project management.

Toni-An Angeles


Toni plays a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of projects with top-notch quality and efficiency. Holding a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, alongside a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, Toni-An brings a strong educational foundation to her project management responsibilities.