Lara Lai


Lara Lai’s expertise in eLearning is multifaceted and distinguished by her extensive experience in the field. Over her illustrious career spanning more than 20 years, she has been at the forefront of the eLearning landscape, contributing significantly to the evolution of education through technology. Lara’s profound understanding of eLearning encompasses various dimensions, highlighting her as a thought leader and innovator in this dynamic field.

Lara’s eLearning expertise includes her strategic leadership in creating advanced eLearning solutions that have reached remarkable achievements, offering innovative solutions that have won National Innovation awards and research grants. These products, shaped by Lara’s vision, have been well received by Ministries of Education in Singapore and the wider region, showing her ability to make effective eLearning solutions that improve educational outcomes.

Lara’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced learning experiences extends beyond product development. She has actively championed large-scale education technology initiatives, demonstrating a holistic understanding of how eLearning can be integrated into broader educational ecosystems. Lara’s influence has been particularly evident in corporate training projects. Her leadership has contributed to the successful implementation of customised eLearning solutions tailored to the requirements of various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, publishing, finance, entertainment, and telecommunications, among others.

In addition to her leadership role, Lara has played a vital role as an educator herself, leading and conducting training programmes aimed at upgrading pedagogical and ICT competencies for teachers. Her hands-on involvement in teacher training underscores her commitment to ensuring that educators are equipped with the necessary skills to leverage eLearning effectively in the classroom.

Overall, Lara’s eLearning expertise is characterised by a comprehensive understanding of the technological, pedagogical, and strategic aspects of the field, positioning her as a recognised authority in the integration of technology into education.